Three by the Loch: a graphite pencil landscape scene

Updated: Dec 23, 2020 - home of my original graphite landscape scenes

It was a dull, damp and wet morning with some low mist in the distance, as I took a walk by the small loch just a few miles from home. Keen to get the grey, misty scene before me rendered into a graphite pencil landscape scene, I took some reference photos on my camera and did a few very quick preliminary sketches.

Back home, I began to consider the composition of this graphite landscape scene. To be honest, the mid-ground of the scene in reality is quite 'flat' in appearance when looking directly across the water to it; the hill is fairly high and you can't really see the landscape behind it very well. So, first issue to solve: how to make this graphite pencil landscape scene a bit more interesting in the mid-ground area. I decided to reflect the shape of the crest of hill and the trees on top and add another hill behind it in the distance. I was quite pleased with this as it creates a nice shape leading the eye into the middle of the drawing, gives the drawing some depth and compliments the shape of the landscape in front of it.

When it came to rendering this graphite pencil landscape scene, I really wanted to portray the cool, freshness of the air and the soft, playful mist hanging around in the dips in the morning landscape. This was a perfect opportunity to employ plenty of soft graphite edges, broken lines and some nice subtle darks into the scene. These tiny areas of dark graphite would help the highlights in the water under the middle ground hill to really sparkle. Rendering the sky with layers of graphite, gently blended to create the soft rain clouds, adds a bit of drama into the composition. I exaggerated the scale of the tiny boathouse and turned it into a small building instead. The three figures that can be seen were added in with a sharp pointed 2B pencil, and they really help to create a sense of scale and proportion to this gentle, calm, graphite pencil landscape scene.

a graphite landscape scene showing a loch with three figures and background hills

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