Autumn Sky

Updated: Mar 11 - loose watercolour paintings and graphite landscape drawings

Autumn Sky, is a spontaneous, loose watercolour scene, that was inspired by a misty morning view across some fields close to where I live. This peaceful, gentle atmospheric original watercolour scene, contains comforting and warming shades of soft red, peach and warm earthy browns. The warmth of the colours in the sky of this loose watercolour scene, sit above a warm middle ground and slightly cooler foreground. Warm shades of umber depict distant trees and hedgerows, some partly obscured by mist, running across the picture plane. In front of the hedgerow nearest to the viewer, a backlit, rickety old gate and fence can just be seen.

This loose watercolour scene is approximately A5 in size and is painted on Daler Rowney Prestige, 150x225mm (6"x9") 300gsm, acid free, 100% cotton, cold pressed watercolour paper. Artist quality watercolour paints have been used to create this original watercolour painting, ensuring excellent colour permanence and vividness of colour. The original watercolour, is supplied ready mounted in a picture mount and backing board. To view this original watercolour scene in more detail visit the Watercolour Gallery where you can view the washes of colour and paper texture in detail, simply by clicking on the images there.

an overall umber coloured loose skyscape watercolour scene with hedgerows and distant trees

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