Morning View Across the Hill: a graphite pencil landscape drawing

Updated: Mar 11 - home of my original graphite landscape scenes

It was early morning as I looked across the scene, a view down and across the hillside with the distant landscape still covered in mist; a fitting subject then for a graphite pencil landscape drawing.

The resultant A5 graphite drawing, later titled Morning View Across the Hill, captured the essence of the view. In this graphite landscape scene I really wanted to portray how the low, landscape hugging mist, was emphasising the higher ground of the hillside in the middle ground. On this particular hillside, which is roughly an elongated triangular shape, there is what appears to be areas of scrub (maybe gorse?) which have been managed to provide space for the sheep to graze. In this graphite pencil landscape drawing, I found the defined, shaped areas of scrub on the hillside an interesting contrast to the mist covered background. The details in the background area have been very subtly rendered to give the graphite drawing some depth and contrast. The sky was that subtle, graduated shade of grey, that we often see here on an overcast and misty day.

This graphite pencil landscape drawing seems to have a timeless quality to it: the scene could be one from any time period from the modern to the ancient. It seems to have a medieval feel to it for some reason, but that is probably just my interpretation of it!

a graphite landscape scenes showing steeply sloping hill  with distant fields and hedges

Like all my artworks here, this original graphite drawing comes supplied with a free picture mount and backing board. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do get in touch and thanks for again for reading!