Arrived: a new picture mount for your original graphite landscape drawing

Updated: Dec 23, 2020 - home of my original graphite landscape scenes

There are few things that create more interest and a potential talking point, than displaying an original piece of art in your home or office. However, your original graphite drawing needs to be protected and you need to have some way to display them safely on your wall; after all you wouldn't simply attach them using drawing pins! That is why your original graphite landscape drawing comes supplied with a free picture mount and backing board; so that it is ready to take along to your framer in the handy sealed cellophane bag that contains your mounted artwork.

The choice of outer frame, that is the frame that your mounted original graphite drawing sits inside, is in many ways, subjective and also depends on the décor of the intended display environment. The frame also needs to fit well aesthetically with the drawing too. For original graphite pencil landscape scenery, I would suggest frames with classic, neutral colours, such as black, grey or silver. I would steer away at all costs, from brightly coloured frames such as reds, yellows and blues!

I was very pleased then, when I took my latest delivery of picture mounts. These are crisp white, conservation grade, 1.4mm thick mounts with a white core bevelled edge. The backing boards are 1.3mm thick. Like the picture mount and backing board, the cellophane bags also seem to be of high quality and are sealed at the top with a very effective seal.

As always, if you have any questions, please do get in touch and thanks for reading!

picture mounts and backing boards

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